The naked body can sum up everything we desire and everything we most fear. The body is the source of our deepest pleasures and traumas; our whole experience of the world is set by the way we experience our bodies; by forgotten but all-pervading infantile fantasies. To be naked can mean humiliating exposure, discomfort and shame. Or it can satisfy of our profoundest narcissistic needs, the desire to be seen which is as basic as the desire to see. To see another person naked can reassure or alarm, satisfy curiosity or provoke guilt, arouse desire or disgust and often both together. The body preserves a memory of lost wholeness, and carries the seed of death.
Margaret Walters
[(In) Between] was produced mostly in London and Porto. The cities provide the scenery yet they are not the main theme.
These photographs are presented as fragments from a real as well as an unreal world. They reflect the quest for a metaphysical state of mind, able to remove the imagery of the present, thus making them timeless.
I look for the authenticity of humans as the human condition of weakness, fear, desire, passion and inadequacy.
[(In) Between] is about passion, sex, love, freedom and also about me and some of my demons. It´s about borders that separate us from dreams and reality. It´s about a period where lots of things happened and much has changed in my life.
[(In) Between] captures a passage in time. A fine line between dream, nightmare and reality.

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